Master the Game 1st Annual Adventurer Gauntlet

I will be running my first annual Adventurer Gauntlet at GrandCon 2019. This is an idea I have had for a little bit. Everyone is encouraged to have fun and come prepared to go through multiple 5th level characters. If you are not someone who can handle character death please do not sign up for this game. Come with an open mind and lets have some fun together.

Info on the Master the Game 1st Annual Adventurer Gauntlet

An ancient god has returned to takeover the lands of ThaCos with his 8 armies also known as the 8 Pillars of Death. The adventurers of the land have united to stop these evil forces in their attempts to takeover Stonehall Keep. This will be what is known as a meat grinder. Each player will have multiple characters die. It is for 5th level characters. You are recommended to bring at least 3 characters, or pre-gens will be available if needed. Only official Wizards of the Coast products allowed for Character creation.

System: D&D 5e

D&D Official Material Only

Please bring your own dice and pencils.

Pre-Gens can be provided.

5th level PCs.