10 Months Since Posting

Hello fans!

It’s been about 10 months since I have posted here and after reading my previous posts I decided I should get back to posting here. A lot has changed in 10 months. Back when I posted before I had limited gaming experience with table top role playing games but had been reading, and watching a lot of things to get better at the hobby myself. My life now is not where I expected it to be but it is for the better.

My wife and I got married in June of 2013. My wife got a new job in Grand Rapids so we relocated and are currently staying with the in-laws but will be in our own home downtown within the next month.I am now in the real estate business and couldn’t be more thrilled. It is going well so far but I am still trying to get in the flow of things.

In 10 months before moving I was playing in D&D Encounter for a few months. Also have played a couple one offs online in chat rooms. We currently play in a bi-weekly D&D2e game with my wifes brothers family, and are in the process of looking for a Pathfinder or D&D Next group over here to host at our new home we are getting.

2014 is shaping up to be a nice year for me, my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Google + page. Just search for Juce734 on any of those if you want to subscribe to me.