April 10th Random RPG Post

I want to write a blog post right now since I have some time. Not sure what so this may become more of a free hand type of thing where I just go on about what is on the top of my head.

Joined a new forum recently that is mainly about Palladium Books but it also has a whole slew of other games with their own sections. D&D, D20, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, and some other games. Here is the link in case you want to check it out. Worlds of Palladium. The reason I like the forums is you are free to express your opinions about any topic and it is very receptive. Nobody has been rude and everyone seems to get along. A good group of guys over there.

Watched the Know Direction Podcast guys on YouTube live the other night where they interviewed a Paizo guy about the new Inner Sea Gods book coming out in a few weeks. It sounds like the book will have some good stuff in it for Pathfinder fans. I’ve become a Pathfinder fan over the last year so I am really excited for this book but I still have to pick up the Bestiary 4 book. In the midst of a career change so I don’t have much of a disposable income right now. Hopefully that will change soon though. When it does these two books are the first ones on my list.

My wife and I are planning on attending Pathfinder Society at Big Kidz Games here in Grand Rapids on Saturday. We have been wanting to play and run Pathfinder with our current group but so far they just want to stick with D&D2e. I am sure if we have a lot of fun we may meet some people who will want to play a weekly or bi-weekly Pathfinder game. That would be ideal! [Fingers crossed]

Dungeons and Dragons Next is supposed to come out soon and I would like to get these books when they come out. In the playtest Next appeared to be a game I would enjoy playing. I played Encounters for a bit trying out Next and had a lot of fun. I have really high hopes for the game. If it can bring more mainstream attention to tabletop role playing games I will be so happy. This industry is supposedly stronger than ever but I see so many book stores going out of business and most places don’t even carry rpg books anymore.

I have a dream that someday I will walk into a Meijer, Target, or Toys R Us and see tabletop role playing games on the shelves. This hobby should be popular enough that most bigger retailers should carry it. Not sure if I will ever see the industry blow up like this but that is a dream of mine and I want to be young enough to enjoy it.

That is about all for now. Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts on role playing games in this blog post. Be sure to check out my other forms of social media and tell your friends to check me out too.