Call Out To Gamers!

Some of you may know but I belong to the YouTube RPG Brigade. It is a community for tabletop RPG discussion. There are all sorts of people in the community who play all sorts of games. It is wonderfully diverse. Below is the post that inspired this blog post. This post was posted in the Facebook group YouTube RPG Brigade and I commented there but will explain here.

Alright everyone. Time to try something out…

In the comments section below, you are allowed to post one thing you believe and hold true in the world and mechanics of tabletop RPG gaming. Whether it be a house rule, player philosophy, or opinion about the RPG community as a whole, it’s your call. But you can only post ONE thing.

Thing is, you can’t reply to anyone else’s posts (“Likes” are permitted, of course). You may post your own belief, but that’s it.

So let us begin! Have at!