Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

The Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons has been out for a couple of months now and I have had the chance to play it quite a few times now both as a Player and a Dungeon Master. In the coming weeks and months I will be doing a Dungeons and Dragons Basics series where I will be teaching my viewers how to play D&D5e. Hope you will come along for the ride and hopefully take something from this series. This first video is about the very core basics of the system.

The first video in our series D&D5e Basics is all about the foundation of D&D5e. I talk about the d20 mechanics with advantage and disadvantage. I also discuss Inspiration. In future videos we will continue to build upon previous ones.

Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition is the worlds most popular tabletop role-playing game and this version of it has really taken off with fans. Fifth edition and united many fans from previous editions under one solid rpg.

This series will teach D&D newbs how to play from the beginning. If you are a beginner to tabletop rpgs this series is perfect for you.

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