Hello Gamers!

This here is my first post on my RPG Blog. I am not sure how often I will be writing a blog but I can tell you this I am currently very active on my youtube channel so be sure to check that out. On the channel I talk about all sorts of things mostly related to RPGs. Occasionally I will talk about sports, video games, or some other topic but all videos are named by Subject followed by video title. (example - RPG: GM Tip #1)

So a little bit about me… I have been into gaming since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I am 28 now and don’t actually have a lot of gaming experience. My first taste of RPGs even though I didn’t really realize it was Heroquest when I was 7 years old. I owned two copies of that game and I played with all of the pieces and props like they were toys. Don’t know if I ever played the game for more than a level or two. Also was exposed to video games early on like Zelda for NES.

The very first RPG game I played was Heroes Unlimited by Palladium Books. That campaign quickly turned into Rifts though as my Alien and his new friends on Earth were sucked into a Rift by way of a terrible storm and tornado. I didn’t really want to play in Rifts though and the game quickly died after that. It was a few years before I played again. When I did it was in the Palladium Books Chatroom and I never played for very long.

Then when I was 24 I met my now fiance and noticed she had D&D books. We began to talk about gaming and decided to play together. So she GMed a 2nd edition game while I GMed a Heroes Unlimited game. That went on for a few months until the other players in our group stopped playing. Since then though I have regained my thirst and have found a group nearby which helped get me into Palladium Fantasy. By way of watching youtube videos put up by members of the Youtube RPG Brigade I am recently getting into Pathfinder.

So I think I have some experience with different games and hopefully I offer some good content for you to enjoy. Be sure to subscribe to this blog if any of this sounds interesting to you. In the future I hope to get a podcast going on blogtalkradio, grow my youtube channel significantly, and hold local games at my library and gaming stores to help grow the hobby. Always looking to network with fellow gamers. Another aspiration of mine is to possibly release a PDF RPG Magazine either monthly or quarterly.