Gifts for Your Players, DM's, GM's, etc...

It is the holiday season and we are only a few days away from Christmas. Considering it is that time of year do you give gifts to your table mates? This year I decided to do something for my two home groups. I asked around about giving players fun, funny, and sometimes dangerous items in game almost like a white elephant. The results were fantastic! By the end of it all I had 76 items that I find absolutely amazing!

Mini Treasure Chest Full of Coins
Decorative Gifts

My favorite item is either the Mail Armor of Leaves or the Crystal Sword. The Armor made of leaves is really good. No penalties to sneak, and is better than normal Scale Mail. The kicker is when autumn comes the leaves shed and the armor is no more. As for the Crystal Sword it is beautiful and draws the attention of many people. It is extremely powerful. When you strike an object with it (or parry with it) the item hits for MAXIMUM CRIT DAMAGE but then shatters into tiny pieces. At least the pieces are worth some money though. You treat the fragments as minor precious gems.

There were a few that I like but don't have any effects for "yet." For instance one of the players ended up with miniature carved wooden statues of each party member. Thinking of making them able to be blessed or brought back to life maybe with these. Still not sure about that yet.

Like I said though very cool stuff was thrown at me with this. These are items I may even put into my games as treasure down the line. Potions with stuff floating in them which is sort of a tie to what they do. Mundane items like a stick of butter which does have an effect. I love this type of treasure!

Do you give gifts to your players, DM's, or GM's? Would love to hear what you do for your friends that share a table with you.

If you have any ideas for great items like these please leave a comment below with your suggestions. Would love to add more to this list. I may put all of these into one large PDF of magic items for Download here on the website.