Master the Game - A New Channel D&D Optimization

Tome of Beasts
By Wolfgang Baur

I have started working on a new YouTube channel called Master the Game. It is a channel all about optimization. If you are a player and want to know the most efficient ways to build a character type this channel will have you covered. This channel will also teach game masters/dungeon masters how to optimize encounters. We hope to fill a need in our community that isn't discussed much.

Players often are looking for the most efficient builds for various reasons. There are different philosophies when it comes to building characters. This channel will come from a mechanical perspective and then have role playing flavor added on afterwards. We build the character and then ask why they are how they are. All characters will be Adventurer's League legal. They will be made using point buy or stat array to keep within these self imposed guidelines.

To balance out what we teach players we will be teaching the ones running the game some good encounter combinations. These encounters might be a mix of monsters or monsters and traps. Mix in some sub optimal terrain and those optimized players may find themselves in trouble. This isn't to pull one over on the players though. It is to give you more tricks for your toolbox to make fun adventures.

Many worry that this channel will teach players how to "break" the game. We have yet to see anything that can or will break Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. After all it is just a numbers game. Anything a player can do the DM can do. DM's do not have to stick to any rules in creating monsters, or traps either. We hope to balance out our tips and tricks so everyone learns more and can apply it as they see fit.

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am. We really feel that this will be filling a huge hole inside of the Tabletop RPG YouTube community. Everyone gives tips about problem players, and things like that but nobody is really going into the mechanics the way I think we will be doing.

Please head on over to Master the Game on YouTube and subscribe if this sounds like the type of content you would be interested in.