2019 Optimistically Moving

So 2018 has come and passed us by. It was a great year but I didn’t game as much as I would have hoped to. Started the year off running and playing in some games. I did get to try the 7DSystem by DMGinfo and that was a fun experience. One game I didn’t get to play that I really hoped to was Dragon Age the Tabletop RPG.

We finally felt settled into our house in Saline, Michigan but ultimately decided to sell our house to work towards getting debt free of my wife’s student loans. The idea was to move back to the Grand Rapids area to be closer to her work. We are expecting to close on a house in Lowell, Michigan by February. So fingers cross that we can make that work out. This new house is a bit of a project but has a lot of potential. There is a 30ft x 13ft workshop. 5ft x 13ft is just going to be a storage space and the rest will be my office, filming space, game room. The roof needs to be redone and we have to insulate it as well as drywall it. I really can’t wait until this space is finished.

The plan is for me to dive head first into Real Estate again and try to get my business going strong. If I can hit my sales goals for the year we should be able to get the new house finished how we want. If this happens and we can get free completely of my wife’s student loans then I can get out to some gaming conventions next year (2020) like GenCon, and maybe one of the PAX conventions.

Speaking of gaming conventions there is a chance I will have a bigger role with GrandCon in Grand Rapids this year. I have been talking to the owner of the convention and I am feeling really optimistic about that so far. Looking forward to seeing if we can make some things work out or not. Either way you can expect to see me at the best gaming convention in all of Michigan as a volunteer of some sort.

Recently was talking to a friend about what to expect out of my YouTube channel this year. I promise you more reviews, more player tips, more game master tips, interviews with guests, and so much more. If there is anything in particular that you would want to see be sure to leave a comment.

I have a bucket list item that I want to scratch off my list this year too. I want to release my first real products for purchase of my homebrew content. So stay on the look out for this. Patreon supporters will get the first previews of this content.