Free RPG Day Eve Weekly Recap

A package arrived today from Reaper Miniatures. We ordered some new miniatures for my kids because they love to play with my miniatures so we figured this would be a lot of fun for them. My son really loves things like squid, lobster, spiders, snakes, bees, and other animals and insects. He is always asking to play with my "purple spiders" which are just the Giant Spiders that D&D put out. My daughter just likes playing D&D. We streamed our game a couple of weeks ago and she asks me every couple days to play again. This last week when the kids were playing with my miniatures she was recreating Pokemon with them. They played for hours with those Reaper Bones miniatures. I can't wait to do the box opening with my daughter. The plan is to film it and put it out as an unboxing video.

Complete 29 Piece Dice Adventurers Kit

Dice Bard reached out and offered some free dice to review this week. They sent me their Complete Adventurers 29 Dice Kit which looks awesome. They give you more of the dice you tend to use for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition and less of the ones you don't use much. Each die type is color coded. This will make teaching new players or my kids how to play Tabletop RPGs so much easier. I can't wait to get these in the mail and review them with my daughter.

Now that my daughter is out of school for the summer I am sure we will play some more D&D together. She has expressed interest in also doing videos with me. I think it will be fun to bring her into some videos for the Tabletop Gaming with Juce channel more. She wants to paint miniatures too so maybe I can convince my wife to teach her how to paint miniatures. I can then put her to work painting all of my miniatures! Obviously I am kidding but that would be awesome.

We made some changes with the website and across all social media this week. There are going to be a few more subtle changes in the next week. I'd like to get some more rewards up on our Patreon also. Possibly some giveaways and chances to play in either a campaign or one shots. If this is something you want to see let me know in the comments below. I began working on a new product that I plan to release soon. As it gets closer to completion I will release more details about it.

How To Play RPGs was put up on Master The Game this week. It hasn't received the views I expected but I did learn from the process. I think I over edited this video but it is a good lesson to learn this early into the new channel. I still think the tips shared in this video are pretty good. My presence on camera is getting much better and it is starting to feel more and more natural again.

Tomorrow is Free RPG Day and originally I was hoping to get out to Vault of Midnight Ann Arbor to run a game but they did not select me to run one of the games. That is ok though. I will stop in and check out the products. I am also planning on stopping by Adventure Ink in Milan, MI. Going to be taking my daughter with me because she seems excited about it. There looks to be some pretty cool things being given away this year. Afterwards we are celebrating my daughters 7th birthday with a party at our house. It's going to be a packed day of fun.

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