Planning for a Healthier Game Night

Found out recently I have Type 2 Diabetes. This has me thinking a lot about what I need to do to get back on the right track. One of the things is eating better and focusing on portion control. Game nights can lead to indulging in chips, pop, candy, and more.

One of the things that I have always done is killed a 2 Liter of Mountain Dew. Drinking something other than pop while others have it may be difficult for me. Sure I can drink water and that is what I will need to do but what are some healthy alternatives? Well I was thinking that I could make some fruit smoothies for myself or ask people to bring things for fruit smoothies. I could also do some juicing.

Candy is a pretty common thing we have had at our table in the past. Reese's Pieces, Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's, and others have been around. These are things I really have to make a conscious effort to avoid. It is easy to say I will only have a couple but I really shouldn't. Instead I am going to try and stock some baby carrots, celery, broccoli, and other fruits. Some fruit may be good too like clementines, or apple slices.

Chips with Salsa is a great snack for most gaming tables but again it probably isn't the most healthy thing we can eat. One of my players a couple sessions ago brought over this buffalo dip that was amazing! Guarantee it was not healthy at all but it was so good. In the future I could easily eat a yogurt, or a banana instead. While it may not be a lot like chips with salsa but it is good and can at least quench my desire for snacks a bit.

Eating healthy has never been something that I was good at. While I have enjoyed healthy foods my biggest issue has been my lack of self control for portions. In the near future you may hear more about my attempts at trying to be more healthy and if you have tips or suggestions I would love to hear them.

What do you and your gaming group do for healthy snacks? Maybe you don't eat healthy on game night. What are your go to snacks? Post them in the comments below. I'd love to hear all about it.