Working On Publishing My Homebrew World For Tabletop RPG's Part 1

It is no secret that for a couple years now I have been working on my homebrew world to eventually publish. I have multiple projects started for various regions that include factions, NPC's, monsters, magic items, and dieties started. When I am inspired I add more to the various projects.

I've planned on releasing each region at about 40 pages. These would include art, maps, tables, and much more. I have been searching for affordable art and have a couple artists that I have talked to. This is something I have never done before and it probably shows to those who have done this a few times. I am open to learning more about this stuff if you are interested in passing on any of your wisdom.

Some of the struggles I have are what writing style to use for the final product. I have entertained 1st person narrative through the eyes of multiple NPC's in my world. I think that might be fun and more enjoyable to read. Not sure if this is how it will end up being published or not though.

The releases are another thing that I have been wondering about. Release them by region with just world info? For each region book also have NPC's, monsters, magic items, and factions or make those their own supplements? For example a supplement of nothing but NPC's and Monsters? Maybe one of all the factions with history, lore, and NPC's? The other thing I considered was once I had it all completely written doing a Kickstarter and making one large supplement of the whole world with all of those sections in it.

As I think of more things or hurdles I will write about it here. There may even be updates on the progress I make on each individual project. If there is anything you would like to hear more about or if you have any wisdom that you can share with me I would greatly appreciate it.