Approaching 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

With this blog post I am going to reflect on different things with my YouTube Channel. I will reflect on the very beginning, the point where I felt like things really started to take off, and where it feels like it is right now. I will also share videos from these different points with my YouTube Channel so you can see the difference. Hopefully some can learn from some of the things I have done. If not maybe you will just find it interesting to hear how things have gone for me.

When I began my YouTube channel I never had any lofty expectations. I just thought it would be fun to interact with people and share ideas. One of the big things I was looking to get from things was inspiration from others expanding on my own ideas for campaigns, world building, and other RPG related things. It was also assumed early on that this channel would be a mix of things from Pro Wrestling, Sports, Tabletop RPGs, and Video Games. Look at my original video on my channel to see how different I was then. It is funny to me watching this back because I think I have come a long way since then. What do you think of the way the channel was back then?

About a year into my channel I had felt like my channel had become pretty stagnant around 130-140 subscribers. I was not even a year into being a content creator on YouTube. I probably felt like at this time I needed to use video editing software to grow but I was wrong. The channel still wasn't as focused as it is these days. It was about too many topics even though I should have realized it was an RPG Channel then. I was still trying to talk about Sports, Pro Wrestling, and Movies at this point. When a channel isn't more focused you lose the viewers you get on the topics less discussed. Again this was a learning curve though. About a month and a half later I did a year in review video which you can see to the right side of this paragraph. When I set my goal for 500 subscribers in this video I never thought I would crush that goal like I did. While I was still looking for my voice in the community at this time I think it wasn't long after this that things began to click for me.

Around GenCon 2014 is when the start of the Juce Live Chats began! These Live Chats are what led to the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group and other great things. Friendships were born and since then so many games have been played. I've grown as a GM/DM/Player of games. Met some fantastic people and my life is richer because of these great people. I believe this is when my channel really took off. This is the type of community interaction I enjoy. The video responses so many of us have done don't seem to help me with a sense of community where as these live chats have served as great ways to learn about other players and games. I still try to do Live Chats on my channel every once in awhile. Did one last night even.

So now that the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group is approaching 1,500 members and I am almost to 1,000 subscribers I think the sky is the limit. Not sure I ever truly thought I would reach the point I am at now. It feels like quite an accomplishment to be where I am at today but now that I am here I want to reach higher. Its awesome hearing feedback from others about how you have helped them with their games or that you have enriched their lives with things like the One Shot Group. So many great people make the One Shot Group go though. I don't deserve all of the credit at all. I am just happy people are having fun and enjoying themselves.

In closing I want to thank you all for your support not only for my YouTube Channel, this Blog/Website, the Podcast, and of course the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group. You are the reason I do what I do. It has been a fun ride so far and I have no plans to get off of it anytime soon.

Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

Seems like I am asked pretty regularly how to start a YouTube Channel. I have been thinking about this recently and I wanted to give people some tips. If you have been on the fence about it hopefully this blog post will help you with getting started.

1. First you need to think about why you are starting a channel and what you hope to get out of it yourself. There are countless reasons for why you may want to do it.

2. Ask yourself what your channel will be about. Is it about your favorite hobby? Is it just about you and everything about you? Will it have a singular focus? Will it be very broad and cover a lot of things? All of this will matter in the long term.

3. Begin to think of a name and description of what your channel is about. Having a name related to what your channel is about will help bring people to your channel. You may just want to use your nickname and that is fine too.

4. How will you be recording your videos? Webcam, Video Camera, Phone, Picture Camera with Video functions, Tablet? You will see below a great video camera I highly recommend to get started. It is affordable and is better than the one I currently use. Plus it films in HD. If you can get good lighting this will be all you need for high quality production for your videos.

5. Will you edit your videos or just post them up online raw? There are many fantastic channels that just upload videos without editing. Production quality isn't important as long as your content is good. Content is key no matter what you are doing. If your production values are very important to you focus on your lighting first.

6. Then set up your YouTube account. Put a cover image, and avatar up for your channel.

7. Begin filming your videos and don't forget to type up a catchy title, description, and use up all of your keywords space.

Here is the Video Camera I mentioned above. It is much better than my current one. It films in HD and is very affordable. If you go and pick this up let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts on this camera.

Those are my simple tips for getting a channel going. You should be ready to get out there filming videos and posting them up on your very own YouTube channel. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.