Tales of Swordfall: The Starting of an Adventure Group

In November of 2017, a new adventuring group started. Most of the players had only thought about playing role-playing games but didn't know where to start.

A few months earlier Paul Gerrish, the GM for Tales of Swordfall, had an idea to start a new group to broadcast over YouTube that exclusively featured new players. They would learn Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition as they played the game. If you're an experienced DM/GM you're probably wondering what mad thoughts were going through Paul's head? Why pick exclusively players who were new to Role-Playing Games, new to D&D 5e, or hadn't played for many years? Then why post on YouTube for everyone to see?

Paul explains, "I wanted to inspire others. I hope that others will see you don't have to be a professional voice actor, a semi-professional YouTuber, or someone who has played with a group for 10 years to enjoy and broadcast any Role-Playing Game."

Paul explains within the "Session 0" videos posted on YouTube that one of the goals for this group is to build up the player's confidence to the point where they feel like they can run a game. He further explains that he thinks it would be phenomenal if even one listener decided to go out join or even run a group.

Tales of Swordfall is an adventuring group that plays Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. They play once a week and usually post videos shortly after on YouTube. Every other Monday at 7:30 Pacific, the channel hosts a live round-table discussion with guests GMs , called Adventures in Game Mastering, talking about various topics to help new and old Game Masters. To this date, they have talked about where to start as a Game Master and touched on the subject of World Building.


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