Unboxing, Reviews, Getting Connected, Pokemon, and Free RPG Day Recap!

It was an absolutely amazing week! We had a Reaper Bones Unboxing thanks to Reaper Miniatures. We also have a set of dice on the way from Dice Bard. On Tabletop Gaming with Juce there will be a review of the miniatures and the dice. Also this past week connected with a lot of companies, and content creators. Managed to get a couple products for Free RPG Day 2018, and celebrated my daughters seventh birthday party!

Reaper Minis saw that I was running D&D for my daughter and found out my children love playing with Reaper Bones and loved it! This conversation ended up leading to the unboxing video where my daughter was quite enthusiastic. I am looking forward to doing more of these over the years. My children are die hard miniatures fans and Reaper Bones are so incredible durable it just makes sense to let them play with them. Reaper Miniatures also happen to be the best value miniature on the market still. My daughter really wants to learn how to paint miniatures now so we will see how that goes! Maybe that will be broadcast too.

We put out the video on Master the Game called Necessary Rules and Player Tips for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Intro to Tabletop RPGs. It was a fun video to do and I contradicted my tagline on my channel "Teaching you how to play RPGs the RIGHT WAY!" In this video I mention if you are having fun you are doing it the right way. I also make mention that rules aren't all that important either. This was a really fun video to do and I can't wait to do my next video "What Are The Benefits From RPGs?" because this one I think has some interesting things to mention!

One of my favorite reasons for having a YouTube Channel and Blog is the connections I make with people. There are some amazing people in our hobby that I have the privilege of talking to solely because we meet due to being content creators. Hopefully people realize how easy I am to talk to because I try to keep myself available for all viewers and readers. Whether being accessible through my Facebook Group or Discord Server I want people to feel like I am always ready and willing to have a conversation with. I met someone thanks to my Website and YouTube Channels this week who does content on Pro Wrestling (another love of mine) and had a great conversation with him. We both are big fans of Gary Vaynerchuck which is a nice common ground. If you are a content creator and just want to reach out feel free to message me across any and all social media platforms you want. Don't be shy!

One thing which is a carry over from last week was Free RPG Day 2018. Now I will admit I have been spoiled in years past by being allowed to take one of everything I wanted which was awesome. This year I had my daughter with me and we went to Vault of Midnight Ann Arbor where they had a rule of a single item per human. I was a little bummed but my daughter agreed to pick one of the Dungeons and Dragons 5e products. So I picked up the module by Troll Lord Games, and Goodman Games. There were about seven or eight products I was really looking forward to. I also went to Adventure Ink but they didn't have anything out even though that had promoted Free RPG Day. Maybe they were holding things for participating players and game masters in the games that day. I don't know but I had to go because it was my daughters birthday party that day. She had a Pokemon theme for those who may be interested in knowing about it.

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