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Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest: Impressions & Overview

The Complex Games Apologist is good at going in depth into RPG theory and in this case his thoughts on the Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest. Make sure you go back and watch his other videos discussing the 2nd Edition playtest. He does a great job covering Pathfinder and while I don't find myself agreeing with everything I can say he puts a lot of thought into his opinions.

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Ask A Pathfinder: Pathfinder Playtest Review

Ok I am spotlighting this channel because I just love his enthusiasm for Pathfinder and what I feel was as unbiased of a review you can have. As someone who loves Pathfinder you would expect him to just rave about all things Pathfinder Playtest but no he offered some great criticisms. If you are curious about the Pathfinder Playtest I want to encourage you to check out this weeks Channel Spotlight.

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