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Interview with DnD Beyond Product Director Adam Bradford

Interview with DnD Beyond Product Director Adam Bradford

How Adam managed to get this project going in the early days from concept, to BETA, to a live product! What is DnD Beyond capable of? Where is it going moving forward? Not only is it a character creation tool but you can use it to keep track of your character as they progress with equipment, hit points, abilities, spell slots, and other things that require tracking.

Various other tools like magic item creation, monster creation, and more!
Digital versions of the books that are easily searchable. Overcoming some original criticisms based on previous failed projects by other companies. The community seems to have embraced DnD Beyond for good reason. It is an amazing software. New character sheet discussion.

The decrepit Mindflayer who has been separated from the colony and Elder Brain.
Unearthed Arcana being incorporated into DND Beyond.

Making DnD Beyond more accessible to all gamers of various degrees. Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop. Working towards making it accessible for blind or even deaf users.

Integrating source management into DnD Beyond in order to allow DMs to control what is and isn’t allowed in their campaigns.

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