Master the Game Participating in RPGaDay 2019

This year starting on August 1st we are going to be doing a video for each day of #RPGaDay2019 and we are excited about it. I have participated in the past and enjoyed it but always found myself uninspired by some of the topics for the day. This year it is allowing us to find our own inspiration in a single word. This is going to make it far more fun. I spoke with my wife and she is going to do it this year too. She has been on my channel a few times since I started it back in 2012.

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Drive Thru RPG Affiliate

I am officially a Drive Thru RPG Affiliate. What does this mean? It means you can now support us by clicking on one of our affiliate links to Drive Thru RPG and purchase something giving us a slight commission. So if there is anything you have been considering picking up head on over by clicking on our affiliate link below, Some awesome products I highly recommend are the following.

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