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RoH Best In The World Cody Rhodes VS Christopher Daniels

Cody Rhodes The American Nightmare

RoH Best In The World Cody Rhodes VS Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Title was bigger than the match alone. It was a culmination of almost a year of Cody Rhodes on the independent scene. This match was the start of a week where Cody Rhodes had a chance to be RoH, HoG, and NJPW Top Champion. If somehow Cody Rhodes could pull it off it would be the best week of his career no doubt.

I am in a lot of Facebook Pro Wrestling groups and it seems like a lot of people are downplaying Cody Rhodes talent and accomplishments. Cody Rhodes is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. Does he have the flashiest moves? No. Does he have the most talked about matches right now? No. Can Cody Rhodes have a good match with almost everyone? Yes he can. Cody plays to the crowd and knows how to put a good match together and there is no denying that. I look forward to seeing where he is going.

While in the WWE Cody Rhodes made the best of every single situation he was put in. Being in a tag team with Dibiase as Legacy he made work. Together they were a good tag team even though they were mostly used as Randy Ortons lackeys. He had other gimmicks like being full of himself and staring in a mirror all of the time. He had another gimmick where he had to wear a mask to hide his broken nose. Then had the 70s pornstache thing going. When they put him with Goldust and called him Stardust he even made that work. In almost every situation he got it over. He had memorable matches and moments in all of those gimmicks. He was even willing to work on one brand as Stardust and the other as Cody Rhodes to prove he could make it to the main event but WWE denied him that chance. He then asked for his release. 

The Best In The World Match was a really good match. Cody Rhodes split his lip pretty good and acted a little crazy about it. It seemed like an accident but I felt it added to the match a little. Cody did some typical heel work but it helped build up the tension. I wouldn't say it was his best match but it was a good one. He and Christopher Daniels built to a good finale and the final few spots were good. I was a bit surprised when it was over because I did not expect Cody to win. I was happy for him. I wish I didn't see the results before watching the match because I think it would have been an even better finish for me had I not known who won. I am hoping for a long run with the RoH Title.

It would be awesome to see Cody Rhodes become the leader of the Bullet Club and have The Elite break off from the Bullet Club. The Elite would be Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, and The Young Bucks. The Bullet Club would be Cody Rhodes to finally lead. Adam Page could take up a spot as his right hand man too. I think a feud between The Elite and Bullet Club could be awesome. Cody Rhodes the American Nightmare would be the perfect one to lead the Bullet Club too.