TEW 2016 Blog

Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 by Grey Dog Software and Adam Ryland

Check out the Wikipedia for the history of this game and its creator.

TEW is a game I have been enjoying since EW 9000. Until TEW 2004 all of these games were free. If you have ever thought about being a wrestling promoter and how to book wrestling companies then this game is for you. The latest one 2016 is so in depth you can practically do anything you would ever want to do.

This is Tommy Cornell. He is the wrestler which the fictional database is named after.

This is Tommy Cornell. He is the wrestler which the fictional database is named after.

You can play using the default database which is called the Cornellverse or any number of Real World mods. The Cornellverse is a fictional database which does take some inspiration from real life workers, and companies. There are a lot of unique characters and companies that are a lot of fun to play. Plus there are multiple mods for different eras of the Cornellverse as well.

If you can't get into the Cornellverse you can play almost any Real World Era mod that you want. Some of my favorites are Genadi's 1987 mod and his 2001 mods. Fleisch and TheWho1987 both make current day real world mods which are pretty good too. Don't worry though there are a lot more in case I didn't mention a time you would want to play.

I have various games I am currently playing. I have a Thunderverse game as HCG, present day WWE game, present day made up company in the real world, Cornellverse SWF game, and Cornellverse made up company called Total Wrestling. All of the games are a lot of fun to play and I haven't really lost interest in any of them. Some of these games I have been playing for months.

So once again if this sounds like something you might be interested in check it out. Head on over to http://www.greydogsoftware.com/home.php